Monday, November 30, 2015

Golf Apparel for a Polished, Casual Look

Golfing enthusiasts who want take their golf look off-course can now wear stylish golf-inspired apparel. Traditionally, this has always been about the classic, polished look. But for those who just want to relax at home on weekends with a golf-themed sweater, they can choose among many fashionable and trendy styles on the market today.

Traditional Golf Wear

The classic polo shirt is a traditional garment for most golf competitions. Many golfers choose to wear it because it makes them look sharp, while still keeping their body cool. Most of these polo shirts come in rugby stripes, solid colors, and pin stripes. Most of the time, they are paired with lightweight pants or shorts. Other traditional golfer looks include button front shirts and sweater vests for a preppy look.

Casual Golf Wear

Another form of golf apparel that many golfers have come to love are t-shirts and sweatshirts with golf-themed designs. Some have clever golf sayings and witty jokes printed on them, others have simple, clean designs that you can wear anywhere.

When choosing your golf apparel for the day, it all boils down to where you plan to go. Golfers who plan to spend some time on the course should opt for traditional golf wear like polo shirts and khaki pants, while those who’d like to stay at home or go to the mall may want to wear a casual t-shirt or sweatshirt instead.

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